Daily Jared Leto in a Box

Anyone seen Jared Leto today? Nope, me neither 😦 My fondest hope is that he’s about to hop a plane to Heathrow to attend London Fashion Week (starts tomorrow) and I can stalk him around London like the crazy lunatic that I am.

In lieu of any interesting new Jared sightings, let’s look at some more from Tuesday.

Firstly, I found this article on MSN rather amusing. Like me, they are also debating what the hell that (fake) furry thing was around his neck. While I likened it to a pheasant, they are thinking more like dead dog. I like their theory better. This article also features a video of one of my favourite My So Called Life clips – the holding hands bit that gets all our hopes up (Jordan Catalano – you bastard!!)! Also, Shannon Leto pulls probably the most amazing face I’ve ever seen at around 31 seconds! Seriously, be sure to check it out.

Spare a thought today for poor Sasha Owen who was spotted in a number of photo with Jared on Faux Fur Day and then subsequently received a bunch of death threats on Twitter from 30STM fans. Ok, so they weren’t death threats exactly, more like pathetic ramblings, and they weren’t from fans, more like from patients on a day out from the loony bin, but it was still pretty harsh. The lovely lady finally took to her Twitter to put all our minds at rest saying:


Phew, I can put away my ninja throwing stars then…

And finally, a very old photo of Jared graces the front cover of the new Kerrang! mag with the caption:

30 Seconds To Mars – Jared Leto speaks!

Their classic debut revisited 10 years on…

Jared Leto speaks? I like how they’re making it sound like he’s been in hiding for years. My favourite part of the article (which you can see yourself at fuck-yeah-jared-leto) is this quote from The Used

“…describing ‘Half a Minute From A Planet’ as being the band with whom they’d toured and had the least amount of fun.”

Haha, jokers! Also, I’m slightly confused by them describing Shannon as Jared’s half-brother. Poor Shannon, he already has to deal with the fact that all the girls want his little bro and now he’s been downgraded to only half a relation. Don’t worry Shanimal, I still love you 🙂

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